Feel it to Heal it: Why being “too” positive can lead to spiritual bypass

Has someone ever said to you, “Just be positive” or “Shake it off and let it go”? While although I’m sure it is well intended advice, this can lead to years of working through the same issues that will show it up similar ways.

I’ll be the first to admit, I too was one of those people who always had to look at the bright side of things.

Now, stay with me on this…

Looking at the bright side of things is a necessary life skill I believe, in fact, it is one of my superpowers. However, I still feeeeeeeeeeel the lows, the depths, the pain, and the sorrow. Why? Because that is absolutely the only way to heal it. You gotta feel it.

Spiritual bypass, in essence, is when you avoid the healing by playing in the light too long. As humans, we have a connection to both our light AND our shadow. It is the for a purpose, a profound one at that.

In fact, it is actually healthy to feeeeeel all emotions, what’s unhealthy is to stay there too long. If you lost your job, your partner left you, or your cat died; these are all appropriate and warrented times to feel sad (or whatever other emotion you feel). Take the time to be with it. Do it with trying to change how you feel. It will be uncomfortable, and that is ok. Just be still. Go into the healing, heart on, and just feel. This is the only way to truly heal it.

Always remember, you are loved and your life is Divinely timed to be reading this right now.

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