A comforting way to seek guidance and solutions on a soul level for the issues that we are facing in life. Sessions are usually 45-mins to 60 mins.

Angel cards, or Oracle cards as some call them, are a time-honored, ancient way of connecting with the angels. We use angel therapy cards, and other Oracle card decks, to intuitively channel messages from our angels and the Divine to provide insight and clarity for you.

Angel card readings can help provide comfort in difficult times, they can guide you in a specific life decision, and also assist you in understanding yourself and our personal blockages in our relationships, career, health, and finances. Whether it is an answer to a specific question, or simply an intention to receive Divine messages, this tool is a great way to uncover new possibilities and potentially see things you didn’t seem possible before. Each session is about 45 minutes to one hour in length and can be done over the phone, Skype, Facebook, or Zoom for your convenience!


Angel Card Reading


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