What your Ancestors need you to know

What your Ancestors need you to know

Have you ever felt trapped in a pain ridden body that doesn’t feel like yours?

Perhaps you have expereinced different emotions like rage, anger, sadness, depression and have no clue where it comes from.

Well, your ancestors need you to know that it may actually not be yours, but their’s.

That’s right, research has now proven that unhealed trauma is passed down our generational lineage through our DNA.

What would this mean for your life if you could heal the wounds you’ve inhernated simply because of the generational lineage you chose to be apart of?

How would it impact your life to not only support yourself, but your ancestors too? You can litterially stop the cycle now and release the trauma once and for all.

With the sacred healing work of Generational Healing™, this is now a possibility for you.

Recently I had a client come see me for a Generational Healing™ session. She wasn’t sure what prompted her to receive it on that day but she went with it. During the session, her ancestor came forward. He was extremely enraged because he was falsely accused of committing a brutal attach on someone. His rage ran deep and his experience was so real for him. I asked her if she has ever experienced rage before, she half smiled and said yes. I continued.

Later, once the ancestor was compete and received the healing he came forward for, we spoke about her experienced. I asked her how she felt in her body and she said: “calm and peaceful, like never before.” She just wanted to lay there in silence, so we did. The next day she emailed me and said she’s still overcome by this feeling of peace. She mentioned that currently, in her life, she has also been falsely accused of something and it’s interesting this is what the ancestor expereinced as well. She said she felt good knowing she helped him and is happy to experience the session with me.

I was so happy to read this because I know exactly how she feels. Generational Healing™ is a profound modality that works directly with your ancestor to suppirt them in healing their unresolved trauma. It gives the ancestor the opporunity to be heard and share their story. It allows you to walk away knowing they helped your ancestor and the planet by healing and releasing the dense energies that have been stored here from all of the unhealed trauma. This not only benefits them, it also benefits all the generations that have come before us AND all the generations to come.

I am available for you to book a Generational Healing ™ session to connect with your ancestors and support the healing of all generations in your lineage.

Email melissa@betterdaysnow.ca so set up an appoitiment.

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